How to Know If Buying or Leasing Office Equipment Is Better for Your Small Business

Whether you’re starting a business or you’re looking at a big chance of expanding, buying office equipment will be a part of that endeavor. Buying office supplies can be very expensive but who can’t resist getting them brand new. For those wading on a tight budget, leasing them instead may be a smarter move.

Businesses have needs and providing the right people to do the job – and the right equipment – can help in its growth and future. So how should you go about buying your equipment? Here are a couple of things to help you decide.

Why Should I Buy?

You owe the equipment you buy and they add up to your assets. Task breaks are present for small businesses that have looked into investing office equipment. Also, you get paid for the depreciation of that bought equipment. Ownership is the biggest advantage buying equipment can provide you.

Should You Buy Or Lease Equipment For Your Small Business?

Should You Buy Or Lease Equipment For Your Small Business?

Buying doesn’t slack you off any worry. When buying equipment, you take the responsibility of ensuring that it works and will work for a long time. Maintenance of computer, printers, and upgrade of software applications will cost you money. It can bite on your credit. Charging equipment can shorten your credit line. Also, down payments will be needed when purchasing this equipment – that means cashing out more.

Why Should I Lease?

Leasing your office supplies will give you flexibility, but overtime could cost a lot. It’s flexible because you can easily replace obsolete equipment like printers and computers. In some cases tax deductions are present for lease cost. The lease payment is deducted as part of business expenses on tax returns, reducing the lease cost. There is little or no down payment in most cases, giving business owners with a small budget a reason to lease.

Should you lease or buy equipment?

Should you lease or buy equipment?

Though leasing is more budget-friendly, it won’t be for the long haul. You will be spending more leases over something when you could have just bought it the first place. Once you lease equipment, you’ll have to abide by the agreements made. Sometimes, you might even be leasing it for a long time and may never own it. The lack of ownership and overall cost is something to think about when leasing.

I’m Still Undecided

To decide whether buying or leasing particular business equipment, there are factors that will be needed for consideration. The net cost of that asset is one. Determine the equipment’s approximate net cost including possible values for tax break and its resalable value.

Deciding whether to buy or lease is to know which path is more cost effective. Calculate carefully known costs and consider future possibilities of the product becoming resalable or not. Take into account durability of equipment and ask sales attendant or owners productivity impacts.

Hanky Panky Naturally with These 5 Natural Aphrodisiacs

It’s not a surprise sex can make or break a relationship. Surveys say a big number of men and women leave a relationship because of lousy sex, or no sex at all. The level of sex hormones can affect arousal and sexual vitality. Luckily, there’s no need for Viagra when these 5 easy-to-find natural aphrodisiacs can help you do the deed.


Chocolates are very popular among love birds. Nothing can be sexier than a bite of a creamy, smooth, thick piece of chocolate. Just a touch of that fine piece of sweet bar sends tingles down your spine. It’s natural, it’s sweet, it makes you feel god. Chocolates are believed to contain Phenyl Ethylamine or PEA, the same chemical that is produced by our body when we fall in love. Eating a bar of chocolate gives us the same feeling of falling in love. Just a bite and feel the sugar rush between you two.

Valentine's Day gifts & ideas, romance

Valentine’s Day gifts & ideas, romance


For its appearance, avocado was deemed an aphrodisiac. The Aztecs were the first people known to consume this fruit and called the avocado trees “testicle trees” because it gave a similar appearance to dangling man balls and often in pairs. Avocadoes pack a handful of nutrients that help strengthen sexual health, magnesium, beta carotene, and the sex vitamin – vitamin E. It even has more potassium than banana – also considered an aphrodisiac for its male-organ looking appearance.


You should have listened to your parents when they said to eat your greens. Celery is a very aromatic vegetable and crunchy. It gives flavor to soups and stews in different cuisines. It’s high in nutrients and contains androstenol and adrosterone – which is believed to function like pheromones. It influences human behavior, makes you physically – and sexually attractive. Thinking of passing out on greens again? Not anymore I bet.

Heart Ons: 10 Natural Aphrodisiacs That Really Work!

Heart Ons: 10 Natural Aphrodisiacs That Really Work!

Chili Peppers

Who ever thought that hot chili could bring back the heat under sheet. Capsaicin, the main compound in chili peppers, increases blood flow and heats the body up. Other effects include the release of endorphins by the brain, a feel good chemical. Not only will this affect you internally and increase sexual drive, but causes swollen lips – that just increases the drive even more.


Ginger like chili peppers, can increase body temperature and blood circulation all over the body. Even French stories say that Madame du Barry, a famous courtesan, gave all her lovers ginger to increase their sexual desire and pleasure, even the famous Louis XV. When served pickled or candied, ginger can increase sensitivity of sexual organs. Better buy them in packs now.

Other well-known aphrodisiacs native to Asian countries are tongkat ali and ginseng, both of which have received thumbs up and tags like “Asian Viagra”. Whether it’s a quickie, or a long one – nibble up on some of these starters to unleash that animal in you.

Best Photo Sharing Experiences With the Top 3 Photo Sharing Services

Many people are fond of capturing photos and sharing them to their social networking profiles. Nowadays, there are various photo sharing services that are being used by various individuals to view and share their photos. They all come in distinct functions and unique features that will cater the different needs of individuals. So, given here below are the most loved and famous photo sharing services that anyone can avail for free as well as enjoy, unlimited.


It is an online social networking and photo sharing service that enables users to capture photos, apply digital filters into them, and share them on different social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. It has a very unique feature that allows individuals to confine photos into a square shape, same with Polaroid and Kodak Instamatic images. It is in contrary to 16:9 aspect ratio that is commonly utilized by cameras in mobile phones.

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion

Instagram was launched in October 2010 and was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. Today, it has already more than 100 million users. This app is being distributed through Google Play and Apple App Store.


It can serve as the best alternative to Instagram when it comes to sharing photos via Smartphone. Flickr is a redesigned app that makes it easier for people to share and archive photos on various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This app is offering filters that are equal if not superior to Instagram. Aside from that, it has been announced that it has a free Pro account promotion for three months. All users can avail this including the current users. Unlike Instagram, it is not limited to image cropping to a square. Instead, it offers various sizes and shapes to upload.


This photo sharing service is available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. It is ideal for people who are looking for a service that are almost the same with Instagram. Once the users lost their photos, this service starts shining due to the default camera system of the phone. It also offers sharing and filter options including the browser based URL viewer. In this way, the users will easily find their friends on various social networking sites.

EyeEm, l’Instagram che non ti aspetti

EyeEm, l’Instagram che non ti aspetti

These top three photo sharing services have distinct features and benefits provided to their users. By simply becoming aware of these services, you can easily choose which one works best for you. You have more reasons to enjoy sharing photos to your friends and other family members easily and conveniently. If you do not have any idea about the photo sharing services, it is the right time to learn how to use them.

The 5 Best Sneakers That Will Bring You to That Extra Mile

If you’re a runner and you just can’t find the perfect pair of sneakers that will be with you as you push farther on your limits, you have to stop using those old shoes of yours that do nothing but hurt your feet after the long run. There are actually much better sneakers out there that are engineered for some major mileage. With lightweight construction and less of a midsole, here are five sneakers that you should be using instead.

#5. Adidas Adizero Feather 2

If your toes are tired from all the squishing inside your shoes, try these cool pair of sneakers. Not only do they offer you just the right fit with its large toe box, they actually feel light when you use them. In fact, Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya and one of the world’s best racers won in the ING NYC Marathon of 2011 with these sneakers. With the little bit of extra room up front, you could be able to glide with power and literally run the extra mile with these awesome pair.

#4. Zoot Ultra Kalani 2

This pair of sneakers is ideally made for triathletes as it is one of the most highly respected brands in the world of Triathlon. These shoes do not only have unique characteristics such as its modernized sleek style and easy-to-tighten speed laces, they are also perfect for long-distance running as it operates best after being used in approximately 30 to 50 miles, with the base of the sole broken in properly. After which, these shoes get amazingly quick, although considered as the heaviest in the list.

The training shoe made for the Queen K.

The training shoe made for the Queen K.

#3. Saucony Kinvara 3

Widely known for being a great entry level running shoe, the Saucony Kinvara 3 is greatly appreciated by new and experienced runners alike for its speed, durability, comfort, easy mobility, and most especially its great grip. That is why this shoe would be ideal to those who run on slippery roads during winter. The Kinvara 3 also proves to be lighter and more colorful than its prequel; however, the quality is still pretty much the same.

#2. Asics Gel Hyper Speed 5

American Marathon Holder Ryan Hall has consistently been seen running around with only the Hyper Speed series. While this shoe is perfect for runners who have the tendency to burst their speed in mid-runs, it is also one of the better choices to be paired with your casual wear with its perfect combination of speed and comfort.

Men's Asics Gel Hyperspeed 5

Men’s Asics Gel Hyperspeed 5

#1. Adidas Adizero Adios 2

This is probably any runner’s ultimate marathon sneaker. A lot of records have been broken with this type of shoe, even Patrick Makau, the world record holder for Fastest Marathon. Its perfection starts with the continental rubber pieces found underneath t that will make sure that you won’t slip and will even maximize your grip with each lunge. You wouldn’t even have to be in a race; you are always secured while you run with these sneakers.

You definitely would want to be most comfortable when you run. Well, that isn’t going to happen if you fail to try these sneakers on.